Friday, June 26, 2020

BB stands for Blemish Balm in BB cream and is generally produced to serve a purpose as a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all at once, much like a multitasking cream. It is also known as a 3-in-1 foundation and these three components work together to obtain a flawless skin base. It is mainly an alternate option to not have your full face caked up during hot or humid weathers, rather have something lightweight on the skin. It cuts down on time by eliminating 3 steps in the makeup routine, such a time saver for when you are running late. It moisturizes while giving protection from harmful UV sun rays and giving a smooth coverage to you. 

Before going to BB cream use this:

Firstly you need to get rid of all the unwanted particles on the skin with the help of TNW’s Multani Mitti Face Wash. Go in gentle motions as the excess and unnecessary secreting oils, dirt, and pollutions particles are extracted. It works its charm on all skin types especially on oily skin as they have enlarged pores and more particles can accumulate and breakouts will be in control due to Multani mitti restraining the oil glands. Along with this, tanning reduces by bringing glow with a soothingly fresh sensation.

Now on to BB Cream:

After washing your face with this face wash, now use TNW’s BB Cream, which comes with vitamin, minerals and SPF 30 to further have a layer of protection from harmful UV rays that contribute to early aging. Along with protection, it has medium coverage and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin with a matte finish to give no-makeup, makeup look, so you don’t have to cake on foundation daily just doing its multitasking job. Apply on the neck region also to even out the skin tone.


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