Wednesday, July 1, 2020

During adolescence, acne is normal like it is a part of your puberty, and fluctuations in hormonal levels are responsible for them. Some people get rid of acne altogether but others can’t, even after adolescence. It is a skin condition that appears on areas like the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest as different types of bumps-blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or cysts. 

The pores in your skin have Sebaceous Glands to generate sebum or oil and due to the development and maturity of the body with hormonal changes, the production of sebum alters. Pores get clogged with too much sebum and dead cells, bacteria act upon it, and hence the start of acne arises. Treat them correctly and you will get relief from acne, scars, and the trauma caused by them, so The Natural Wash is a company that manufactures natural and organic Ayurvedic skincare products that are non-toxic and is very beneficial for the skin; here is how you can use these products to treat your acne. 

For blackheads or whiteheads:

A clogged up pore that stays open and darkens, is called blackhead while a closed pore bulges out of the skin, is called a whitehead. Use TNW’s Handmade Charcoal Soap with cinnamon, Neem, and activated charcoal, a must-have for oily skin. Activated Charcoal plays a vital role in purifying the skin by reducing the acne, absorbing the excess oil, and removing all the impurities from it that our skin unknowingly absorbs in our daily life, like a magnet thereby allowing it to breathe freely and give it a healing effect. 

For pimples:

A small red bump, seldom filled with pus forms when the walls of pores open and impurities (oil, bacteria, dead cells) get under the skin, is called a pimple. They sprout on the face and back, so use TNW’s Herbal Neem Soap that is medicinal, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic, which can cure all types of acne suitable for all skin types. Neem can fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and is accountable for healing wounds, acne scars, pimple, and itchiness.

For cystic acne:

Cysts are infected lumps that are painful and bigger than pimples, formed due to clogged pores with open deep into the skin. Use Anti Acne Powder that has ayurvedic properties and the herbal blend is made of all those essential natural spice, herb, fruit peel, Multani Mitti, and other ingredients that are beneficial to treat active acne by soothing the area and prevents future breakouts with no side effects. The antioxidants reduce the sebum secretion in the first place because it is the root of acne generation.

Further, never touch, squeeze, or pick at the pimples as it may be pretty tempting to do so to getting rid of them, but it can cause inflammation, scars, and bacteria transfer. 


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